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Tramp Camping
Where Does The Term Come From ?

While researching "cargo trailer camper conversion" on YouTube, I heard one video blogger refer to camping with a cargo trailer conversion as "tramp camping". That term seemed very apropos because when you see a cargo trailer parked in a campsite next to 30 + foot 5th wheels and motor coachs, it does look a little "trampy".

Our 6x12 Tramp Camper

Our Brand New Unconverted 6' X 12' V-Nose Cargo Trailer on a Panama City Beach Campsite

Why Choose Cargo Trailer Camping ?

As any traditional tent camper will tell you, there are several drawbacks to traditional camping. The first drawback is that you have to store all your camping gear someplace when it is not in use. Then when the camping trip date finally arrives, you must pack your vehicle and hope you don't forget anything. Cargo trailer camping affords a way for you to keep all your camping gear organized and stored so that it is ready to go at a moments notice.

The second thing a tent camper will tell you is that it is miserable camping when it rains. Life is good if you buy a cargo trailer large enough to hold all your camping items and it provides you a high and dry sleeping place.

The third reason is space. Most peoples lives are hectic and they don't get to go camping as much as they like. For them there is no reason to have a large RV sitting around that there may not be parking space for when not being used.

The fourth reason is expense. RVs are expensive to purchase and maintain. A new 6'x12' cargo trailer cargo trailer can be purchased online for a little over $2,000 and will last for many years with little or no maintenance.

The fifth reason is towability. Large RVs often require a special tow vehicle or are a complete vehicle unto themselves. A 10', 12' or even 14' cargo trailer can be pulled by a mid-size vehicle with a V6 engine.